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footballer Graham Kavanagh
born Graham Anthony Kavanagh
Sunday, 2 December 1973
Dublin, Republic of Ireland
apps 501
goals 76
position Midfielder
club(s) Carlisle United
Sheffield Wednesday
Sheffield Wednesday
Wigan Athletic
Cardiff City
Stoke City
Republic of Ireland Schools
Republic of Ireland Youth
Republic of Ireland Under 21 (9 caps)
Republic of Ireland B (1 caps)
Republic of Ireland (16 caps)

About Barry Hugman's Footballers

When I began this work in the 1970s there was no such information available, and I made it my task to collate the complete league record for all English League footballers who had played in the post-war era. The first work was published in 1981, and has been updated on a regular basis supported by the Professional Footballers Association.

All post-war footballers as at the end of 2014-15 are listed by their full christian name, surname, birthplace, birthdate, death place and death date if applicable, international honours, signing dates, playing positions, Premier League and Football League appearances, substitutions and goals.

The source information shows a footballer's previous club prior to entering the Premier or Football League. It also shows whether they started out as apprentices, trainees, or more recently were developed at the academy. The term transfer covers those who signed directly from their previous Premier/Football League club or those who had a break from football and did not play for another club prior to signing. Loan transfers are also covered.


I would like to thank the experts without whose help this work would not have been updated as effectively.

Alan Platt, who by profession was a freelance transport planner, first introduced himself to me as long ago as 1981, following the release of the first edition of Football League Players’ Records. His help on the ever- continuing project has been invaluable. Unlike many schoolboys he did not take an interest in soccer until reaching the age of 14, but from that moment he was hooked and from 1960 onwards has kept detailed records on all English League clubs and their players.

Michael Featherstone was interested in sports statistics from an early age, starting with cricket and then football. After getting information on Tottenham Hotspur he met the author 40 years ago; a meeting that led to the Football League Players’ Records publication some seven years later. His speciality is in researching births and deaths, something he also does for the various cricketing societies and the new wave of soccer histories that have begun to be produced over the last 30 years or so. He also compiles information on additional christian names and previous clubs via the internet and Westminster archive.

Among those who have been of great help during this update were Gordon Small and Peter Holme, from the National Football Museum in Preston, who were extremely helpful when it came to identifying wartime clubs for certain players who played both before and after the war.

Club Contributors: Paul Kellett (Chesterfield).

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